The Memory Stones


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In the heat of summer, the Ferrero 
family escapes to the lush expanse of Tigre. Osvaldo, a distinguished doctor, and his wife Yolanda, gather with their daughters, sensible Julieta who lives in Miami, and willful Graciela who is nineteen and madly in love. They cannot know that these languid days will be the last they will ever spend together.

On their return to Buenos Aires, the Argentine military stages a coup, friends and colleagues disappear overnight, and Osvaldo is forced to 
flee to Europe. When her fiancé is abducted, Graciela goes into hiding – then she vanishes in turn. Osvaldo can only witness the disintegration of his family from afar, while Yolanda fights on the ground for some trace of their beloved daughter. Soon, she realises they may be fighting for an unknown grandchild as well.

Grounded in a little known aspect of Argentina's 'dirty war', the double narrative of The Memory Stones intertwines one man's lifelong quest for answers with the story of a young woman in flight from the truth.

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Hinterland on Stage 

Hinterland, adapted for the stage as Flight by the Glasgow-based theatre company Vox Motus, is currently on international tour, having transferred from the Edinburgh International Festival to Galway, Ireland and Melbourne, Australia, after an extended run in New York City. After the UK's Brighton Festival in May 2019, it then made its Middle East debut in Abu Dhabi in September before travelling on to Phoenix, Arizona. It begins its London premiere in Nov 2020 in a co-production between The Bridge theatre and The Barbican. 

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Hinterland Book Cover
It is night, and two boys are crossing a river that is also a border. They have nothing but the clothes on their backs, their inheritance stitched into the lining of a belt, and the courage of an enormous gamble: that they will find, on the other side of that border, a future they can no longer wait for in Afghanistan.

Whether trapped in Greece, lost in Italy or imagining England whilst huddled in the sand dunes in France, the boys take risks they cannot estimate with strangers they shouldn’t trust. 

Hinterland is a novel about the consequences of war; about love, courage, and how far two boys will go to fight for their lives.

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War and Photography


War and Photography Book Cover


Why do governments mistrust war photographers?
How far do photographers really change public opinion?

Drawing on the work of Barthes, Eco, Foucault, Baudrillard, Burgin and Tagg, and on the historians of mentalities, War and Photography presents a theoretical approach to the understanding of press photography in its historical and contemporary context.

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