Caroline Brothers Credit Rannjan Joawn
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I was born almost as far south in the world as you can get, in Hobart, Australia, and grew up in Melbourne where I went to school and university. After that I moved to London to do postgraduate work.

That's where I wrote my doctorate on the Spanish Civil War and the genesis of modern war photography, at University College London, and afterwards joined Reuters, which trained me as a foreign correspondent and sent me abroad.

I've worked as a reporter in the UK, in Belgium, in Mexico and Central America and in France. I’ve spent longer or shorter periods of my life in Amsterdam, Belfast and Lübeck, and embarked on travels that have taken me from the Sahara Desert to the Amazon, from the Arctic Circle to the island of Zanzibar.

I joined the International Herald Tribune, which became the International New York Times, in Paris and wrote Hinterland there. The Memory Stones was written in Argentina, Greece, Paris and London, but for me the story began in Mexico...

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